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Fig. 6

From: Clonal competition in BcrAbl-driven leukemia: how transplantations can accelerate clonal conversion

Fig. 6

Comparison with simulation studies. Frequency of clones is compared between transplantation studies and the corresponding model simulations. a, b Percentages of recipients with no, monoclonal or biclonal leukemia for mouse transplantations with a 1000 and b 10,000 BcrAbl transduced cells at d29. Given the low initial frequency, no leukemic engraftment is shown for the cohort receiving 1000 cells while low numbers of monoclonally derived leukemias are observed in vivo and confirmed in silico for the cohort receiving 10,000 cells. c Composition of biclonal leukemias (consisting of contributions from clone A and B) for the second cohort of transplantation at d45. A corresponding composition is observed for the simulation studies

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