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Table 1 Exosomes secreted in different body fluids and their potential cancer markers

From: Role of exosomal proteins in cancer diagnosis

Cancer type Potential Cancer Markers Source References
Bladder Cancer TACSTD2, EDIL-3, Mucin4, EPS8L2, α6-integrin, MUC-1, Basigin Urine [126]
Breast cancer Survivin, Survivin-2B, CEA, Ttumor antigen15-3 Blood [116, 118]
Colorectal cancer CEA Blood  
Lung cancer EpCAM, EGFR, CEA, LRG-1 Blood [100, 101, 137]
Melanoma CD63, Caveolin1, TYRP2, VLA-4, HSP70 Blood [133, 134, 139]
Nasopharyngeal cancer LMP1, Galectin-9, BARF-1 Blood, Saliva [103]
Ovarian cancer Claudin-4, L1CAM, CD24, ADAM10, EMMPRIN, TGFβ1, MAGE3/6 Blood [97, 129]
Pancreatic cancer GPC1, MIF Blood [42, 138]
Prostate cancer Transmembrane, protease, Serine2-ETS, β-catenin, PCA3, PSA, PSMA, ITGA3, ITGB1, survivin, PTEN Urine [127, 140]
Renal cell carcinoma MMP-9, EMMPRIN, Carbonic anhydrase Urine [125]
Spongioblastoma EGFR-VIII, EGFR, PDPN, IDH1 Blood [123, 124, 139]
Stomach cancer HER-2/neu, CCR6 Blood [119]