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Table 2 The comparison of 4 generation of EGFR TKIs

From: Tyrosine kinase inhibitors enhanced the efficacy of conventional chemotherapeutic agent in multidrug resistant cancer cells

GN RP WT Gene mutation BI
Exon 19/21 T790 M C797S
1st Icotinib, Gefitinib, Erlotinib + +
2nd Afatinib, Dacomitinib ++ + + +
3rd Osimertinib, Rociletinib, Olmutinib, Nazartinib, Avitinib, ASP8273, PF-06747775, HS-10296 ++ ++ +
4th EAI045 ++ ++ + +
  1. “+” stands for effective; “-” stands for ineffective; “GN” stands for generation; “RP” stands for representative; “BI” stands for binding irreversibly