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Table 4 Clinical trials of co-administration regimen in resistant patients

From: Tyrosine kinase inhibitors enhanced the efficacy of conventional chemotherapeutic agent in multidrug resistant cancer cells

Combinational strategy Malignancy Reference/Identifier
Erlotinib+Gemcitabine Pancreatic cancer [100, 101]
Lapatinib+Capecitabine Breast cancer [102,103,104]
Nintedanib+Docetaxel NSCLC [106]
Erlotinib+Everolimus Head and Neck squamous cell carcinoma [141]
Erlotinib+Carboplatin Ovarian cancer [142]
Erlotinib+Topotecan Solid tumor [143]
Lapatinib+Epirubicin Breast cancer NCT 00753207
Sorafenib+Paclitaxel Solid tumor NCT 00572078