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Fig. 1

From: Third generation EGFR TKIs: current data and future directions

Fig. 1

Pre -clinical efficacy based on IC50 (nM) comparing between first, second and selected third generation EGFR TKIs. EGFR WT = epidermal growth factor wild-type. EGFR WT is based on H2073 cell line for gefitinib, erlotinib, afatinib, dacomitinib, osimertinib; HaCaT cell line for nazartinib; A549 cell line for PF-06747775, A431 cell line for avitinib. L858R is based on H3255 cell line for all compounds. del19 is based on PC9 cell line for all compounds except HCC 827 cell line for nazartinib. del19/T790 M is based on PC9VanR cell line for all compounds. L858R/T790 M is based on H1975 cell line for all compounds

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