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Table 1 Clinical trials with BTK inhibitors in B cell malignancies

From: Role of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase in B cells and malignancies

Patient population Therapeutic regimen Phase Efficacy Ref
R/R CLL Ibrutinib Ib/II ORR (71%), PR(20%) [11]
R/R CLL Ibrutinib III ORR (63%) [248]
TN CLL Ibrutinib Ib/II ORR (85%), CR(26%) [199]
TN CLL Ibrutinib III ORR (86%), CR(4%) [13]
R/R MCL Ibrutinib II ORR (68%), CR(21%) [187]
R/R MCL Ibrutinib III ORR (72%), CR(19%) [249]
R/R WM Ibrutinib II ORR(91%), Major response (73%) [188]
R/R ABC-DLBCL Ibrutinib II ORR (37%) [196]
R/R CLL Ibrutinib-Rituximab II ORR (95%), CR(8%) [250]
R/R CLL Ibrutinib-bendamustine-rituximab III ORR (83%), CR(10%) [251]
R/R MCL Ibrutinib-Rituximab II ORR (88%), CR(44%), PR(44%) [252]
R/R CLL Acalabrutinib I/II ORR(95%) [12]
R/R Acalabrutinib II ORR (81%), CR (40%), PR(41%) [219]
R/R CLL ONO/GS-4059 I ORR(96%) [222]
R/R MCL ONO/GS-4059 I ORR(92%) [222]
R/R non-GCB DLBCL ONO/GS-4059 I ORR(92%) [222]
R/R CLL BGB-3111 I ORR(90%) [221, 253]
R/R MCL BGB-3111 I ORR(80%) [253]
R/R MZL Ibrutinib II ORR(51%) [254]
R/R FL Ibrutinib I ORR(38%) [186]
  1. CLL Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia, MCL Mantle cell lymphoma, WM Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia, ABC-DLBCL Activated B-cell Diffuse large B cell Lymphoma, MZL Marginal zone lymphoma, FL Follicular lymphoma, R/R relapsed or refractory, TN treatment-naïve, ORR overall response rate, CR complete response, PR partial response, Major response: complete response or at least 50% reduction in serum IgM levels