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Fig. 2

From: The rationale for druggability of CCDC6-tyrosine kinase fusions in lung cancer

Fig. 2

Diagram of the full length of CCDC6 protein (upper part of the figure) and its portions fused to the different tyrosine kinases (RET, ROS1, PDGFRb, and FGFR2) in several tumor types grouped in the elipse (lower part of the figure). The protein regions contributed by CCDC6 to the chimeric oncogenes always include the coiled-coil domain and lack the nuclear localization peptide (NLS). In almost all the chimeric oncogenes the length of CCDC6 protein does not include the FBXW7 phosphodegron (aa S359, S413, T427) which are known to be relevant for the CCDC6 protein stability

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