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Fig. 4

From: Met is involved in TIGAR-regulated metastasis of non-small-cell lung cancer

Fig. 4

TIGAR is positively correlated with Met, both correlated with advanced clinical stage and tumor metastasis and patient survival. (a) Immunohistochemical staining of lung cancer tissue sections showed the different expression of TIGAR and Met. (b) Analysis of TIGAR and Met protein expression in metastatic (lymph node metastasis and distant organ metastasis) and non-metastatic tissues from human lung cancer. (c) TIGAR and Met expression in different stages of lung cancer tissues. (d) Patient survival percentage in TIGARhighMethigh (Red curve), TIGARhighMetlow (Pink curve), TIGARhighMetlow (Black curve) and TIGARlowMetlow (Green curve) group was showed

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