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Fig. 1

From: LncRNA DLEU1 contributes to colorectal cancer progression via activation of KPNA3

Fig. 1

DLEU1 expression is up-regulated in human CRC tissues. a According to an online database (GSE70880), DLEU1 showed higher expression level in CRC tissues compared to non-tumor tissues. b RNAs were extracted from CRC samples and non-tumor tissues, and then the expression of DLEU1 was analyzed by RT-qPCR. c The expression levels of DLEU1 were measured by Northern blot in pairs of CRC samples. DLEU1 and 18S probes were biotin-labeled. d DLEU1 expression was checked by in situ hybridization in CRC samples. Scale bar, 100μm. e DLEU1 expression levels were highest in CRC samples with advanced stage. 100 CRC samples collected were grouped into early stage and advanced stage based on clinical characteristics. f DLEU1 showed highest expression levels in stage III CRC samples. 100 CRC samples were grouped into stage I, stage II and stage III based on clinical characteristics. Scale bar, 100μm. g 100 CRC samples were divided into two groups according to DLEU1 expression and Kaplan–Meier survival analysis was conducted. Patients with higher DLEU1 expression possessed lower survival rates. ***P<0.001. All data were collected from three independent experiments

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