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Fig. 3

From: LncRNA DLEU1 contributes to colorectal cancer progression via activation of KPNA3

Fig. 3

DLEU1 overexpression promoted CRC cell proliferation, migration and invasion. a DLEU1 was overexpressed in HCT8 and SW480 cells. b DLEU1 overexpression promoted cell proliferation as shown by MTT assays. c overexpressing DLEU1 increased the ability of colony formation by HCT8 and SW480 cells. d More DLEU1-overexpressing cells entered into S phase as shown by FACS. e DLEU1 overexpression promoted BCL2 expression in HCT8 and SW480 cells. f, g DLEU1 overexpression promoted cell migration and invasion. *P<0.05 and **P<0.01. All data presented are shown as means ± SD collected from three independent experiments

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