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Fig. 7

From: LncRNA DLEU1 contributes to colorectal cancer progression via activation of KPNA3

Fig. 7

DLEU1 promotes CRC cell proliferation, migration and invasion by activation of KPNA3. a KPNA3 was up-regulated in CRC tissues according to a database (GSE44076). b KPNA3 was highly expressed in CRC samples. Total RNAs were extracted from CRC tissues and non-tumor tissues and the mRNA levels of KPNA3 were analyzed by RT-qPCR. c The expression of KPNA3 in CRC tissues was checked by IHC. Scale bar, 100μm. d 100 CRC samples were divided into two groups according to KPNA3 expression and Kaplan–Meier survival analysis was conducted. Patients with higher KPNA3 expression possessed lower survival rates. e Knockdown of DLEU1 or KPNA3 inhibited cell proliferation in HCT8 and SW480 cells while KPNA3 overexpression promoted it. f DLEU1 or KPNA3 depletion increased cell apoptosis in HCT8 and SW480 cells while KPNA3 overexpression reversed it. g, h depletion of DLEU1 or KPNA3 impaired cell migration and invasion in HCT8 and SW480 cells while KPNA3 ectopic expression inhibited it. **P<0.01, *P<0.05 and ***P<0.001. All data presented are shown as means ± SD collected from three independent experiments

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