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Fig. 3

From: Exosomal double-stranded DNA as a biomarker for the diagnosis and preoperative assessment of pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma

Fig. 3

Serum-derived exosomes contain genomic DNA spanning all chromosomes. a The mutations in Exo-DNA I are displayed on a chromosome map generated using Circos (v0.67). The blue bar on the outer circle indicates the average depth of the sequence and the green dots in the inner ring represent the number of mutations. b Venn diagram of all SNPs shared by Exo-DNA I and PC12 genomic DNA. c Whole-genome sequencing was conducted on serum-derived exosomal DNA and the corresponding primary tumors from 3 patients. The inner and outer tracks indicate the SNP counts for exosomes and paired PCC or PGL samples, respectively. All chromosomes are represented in 10-Mbp-wide windows. The SNP counts in each region represent the total SNP count (0–20,000) for all loci in this region. d All common SNP counts of the 12 susceptibility genes for PCC and PGL are shown with their relative proportions

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