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Table 1 Different characteristics of intestinal (cancer) stem cell behavior

From: Stem cells in homeostasis and cancer of the gut

ISC or CSC phenotype: this indicates the identification of stem cells based on the expression of certain markers or pathway-activities, which are associated with stem cell features, such as self-renewal and multi-potency.

ISC or CSC activity: this indicates whether a specific intestinal or CRC cell population shows active stem cell behavior as found by clonal lineage tracing experiments.

ISC or CSC potential: this indicates an inactive stem cell state in homeostasis but the ability of cells to reversibly undergo dedifferentiation in specific circumstances. For example, for differentiated cells in an inflammatory environment and CRC cells that receive specific stromal signals, i.e. Osteopontin.

ISC or CSC functionality: this indicates the underlying stem cell dynamics of all active ISCs or CSCs present in a specific situation, e.g. during ISC homeostasis or CRC growth.