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Table 2 The regulatory role of immune cell-derived exosomes in tumor progression

From: The role of exosomal PD-L1 in tumor progression and immunotherapy

Origin of Exosomes Target cells Tumor progression References
DC CD4+ T CTL Treg Th17
DC    [32]
CD4+ T cell      [33]
CD8+ T cell     ↑↓ [7, 34]
Macrophage      [35]
TAM    [32]
Mast cell    [35]
B cell ↓↑    ↓↑ [35, 36]
MDSC      [37]
Treg      [38]
  1. Tumor progression includes: ↑promotion, ↓inhibition
  2. DC Dendritic cell, MSC Mesenchymal stem cell, CTL Cytotoxic T lymphocyte, NK Natural killer, M2 M2 macrophage, TAM Tumor-associated macrophages cell, Treg Regulatory T cell, MDSC Myeloid-derived suppressor cell, Th T helper