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Table 3 MiRNAs and 5-FU resistance in HCC

From: The emerging role of microRNAs and long noncoding RNAs in drug resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma

MiRNAs Expression1 Pathway Reference
miR-200a-3p up-regulated DUSP6 [96]
miR-183 up-regulated IDH2/SOCS6-HIF-1α [97]
miR-141 up-regulated Keap1 [98]
miR-193a-3p up-regulated SRSF2 [99]
miR-195 down-regulated Bcl-w [100]
miR-125b down-regulated Hexokinase II [101]
Let-7 g down-regulated HMGA2 [102]
miR-133a, miR-326 down-regulated Bcl-xl [103]
miR-503 down-regulated EIF4E [104]
  1. 1miRNAs either up-regulated or down-regulated in resistant hepatocellular carcinoma cells
  2. Note: This table shows 10 miRNAs, their expression level and potential targets in 5-FU resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma