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Table 1 The clinical trials of novel immune checkpoint inhibitors in cancer immunotherapy

From: Novel immune checkpoint targets: moving beyond PD-1 and CTLA-4

Target Drugs (company) Combination agents Phase Tumor types Clinical Trial NO. State
LAG-3 IMP321/Eftilagimod alpha (Immutep) I Metastatic RCC NCT00351949 Completed
   Paclitaxel I MBC NCT00349934 Completed
   Cyclophosphamide, fludarabine,
Melan-A VLP vaccine
I Metastatic melanoma NCT00324623 Completed
   HLA-A2 peptides I/II Disease-free melanoma NCT00365937 Terminated
   Gemcitabine I Advanced pancreas cancer NCT00732082 Terminated
   Tumor antigenic peptides, montanide I/II Advanced melanoma NCT01308294 Terminated
   Paclitaxel II Metastatic breast cancer NCT02614833 Active, not recruiting
   Pembrolizumab I Metastatic melanoma NCT02676869 Active, not recruiting
    Advanced solid tumors NCT03252938 Recruiting
   Pembrolizumab II Advanced NSCLC and HNSCC NCT03625323 Recruiting
  Relatlimab /BMS-986016 (BMS) Nivolumab I/II Advanced solid tumors NCT01968109 Recruiting
   Nivolumab I Advanced solid Tumors NCT02966548 Recruiting
   Nivolumab and Urelumab I Recurrent glioblastoma NCT02658981 Recruiting
   Nivolumab I Recurrent glioblastoma NCT03493932 Recruiting
   Nivolumab, Carboplatin,
Paclitaxel, Radiation
I Gastro/esophageal cancer NCT03044613 Recruiting
   Nivolumab, Cabiralizumab, Ipilimumab, anti-GITR, IDO1 Inhibitor, Lirilumab, Radiation I Advanced solid tumors NCT03335540 Recruiting
   Nivolumab, Ipilimumab I/II Virus-associated tumors NCT02488759 Recruiting
   Nivolumab I/II Advanced hematologic malignancies NCT02061761 Recruiting
   Nivolumab, Ipilimumab, BMS-986205 I/II Advanced solid tumors NCT03459222 Recruiting
   Nivolumab II Advanced chordoma NCT03623854 Recruiting
   Nivolumab II Metastatic melanoma NCT03743766 Recruiting
   Nivolumab II MSS advanced CRC NCT03642067 Recruiting
   Nivolumab II MSI-H solid tumors NCT03607890 Recruiting
   Nivolumab, Ipilimumab,
BMS-986205, BMS-813160
II Advanced RCC NCT02996110 Recruiting
   Nivolumab, Ipilimumab, BMS-986205 II Advanced GC NCT02935634 Recruiting
   Nivolumab, Dasatinib, Ipilimumab,
BMS- 986205
II Advanced NSCLC NCT02750514 Active, not recruiting
   Ipilimumab, Nivolumab, Cobimetinib, Daratumumab, anti-LAG-3 antibody II Advanced CRC NCT02060188 Active, not recruiting
   Nivolumab, Ipilimumab II Melanoma NCT02519322 Recruiting
  LAG525 (Novartis) PDR001 I/II Advanced solid tumors NCT02460224 Active, not recruiting
   PDR001, NIR178, capmatinib,
MCS110, canakinumab
I TNBC NCT03742349 Recruiting
   PDR001 II Advanced solid and hematologic malignancies NCT03365791 Active, not recruiting
   PDR001, carboplatin II Advanced TNBC NCT03499899 Recruiting
   PDR001, capmatinib,
canakinumab, ribociclib
II Advanced melanoma NCT03484923 Recruiting
  MK-4280 (Merck) Pembrolizumab, Oxaliplatin, Irinotecan, Leucovorin, 5-FU, MK-4280A I Advanced solid tumors NCT02720068 Recruiting
   pembrolizumab I/II Hematological malignancies NCT03598608 Recruiting
   Pembrolizumab, Lenvatinib, MK-1308 II Advanced NSCLC NCT03516981 Recruiting
  REGN3767 (Regeneron) REGN2810 I Advanced Cancers NCT03005782 Recruiting
  TSR-033 (Tesaro) Anti-PD-1 I Advanced solid tumors NCT03250832 Recruiting
  BI754111 (Bohringer Ingelheim) BI754091 Early I Neoplasms NCT03433898 Recruiting
   BI754091 I Advanced cancers NCT03156114 Recruiting
   BI754091 I Advanced NSCLC and HNSCC NCT03780725 Recruiting
   BI754091 II Advanced solid tumors. NCT03697304 Recruiting
   BI754091, BI907828 I Advanced solid tumors. NCT03964233 Recruiting
  Sym022 (Symphogen) I Advanced solid tumor or lymphomas NCT03489369 Recruiting
   Sym021, Sym023 I Advanced solid tumor or lymphomas NCT03311412 Recruiting
  FS118a (F-star) I Advanced malignancies NCT03440437 Recruiting
  MGD013b (MacroGenics) I Advanced cancers NCT03219268 Recruiting
TIM-3 TSR-022 (Tesaro) TSR-042, TSR-033 I Advanced solid tumors NCT02817633 Recruiting
   Niraparib, TSR-042, Bevacizumab,
Platinum-Based chemotherapy
I Advanced solid tumors NCT03307785 Recruiting
   TSR-042 II Liver Cancer NCT03680508 Not yet recruiting
  MBG453 (Novartis) PDR001 I/II Advanced malignancies. NCT02608268 Recruiting
   Decitabine, PDR001 I AML or high risk MDS NCT03066648 Recruiting
   HDM201, Venetoclax I AML or high risk MDS NCT03940352 Recruiting
   Spartalizumab I GBM NCT03961971 Not yet recruiting
  Sym023 (Symphogen) I Advanced solid tumor or lymphomas NCT03489343 Recruiting
   Sym021, Sym022 I Advanced solid tumor or lymphomas NCT03311412 Recruiting
  INCAGN2390 (Incyte) I Advanced malignancies NCT03652077 Recruiting
  LY3321367 (Eli Lilly and Company) LY3300054 I Advanced solid tumor NCT03099109 Recruiting
   LY3300054, Ramucirumab,
Abemaciclib, Merestinib
I Advanced solid tumor NCT02791334 Recruiting
  BMS-986258 (BMS) Nivolumab, rHuPH20 I/II Advanced solid tumor NCT03446040 Recruiting
  SHR-1702 (Jiangsu HengRui) Camrelizumab I Advanced solid tumor NCT03871855 Not yet recruiting
  RO7121661c (Roche) I Advanced solid tumor NCT03708328 Recruiting
TIGIT MK-7684 (Merck) Pembrolizumab I Advanced solid tumor NCT02964013 Recruiting
  Etigilimab /OMP-313 M32 (OncoMed) Nivolumab I Advanced solid tumor NCT03119428 Active, not recruiting
  Tiragolumab/MTIG7192A/RG-6058 (Genentech) Atezolizumab I Advanced solid tumor NCT02794571 Active, not recruiting
   Atezolizumab II Advanced NSCLC NCT03563716 Active, not recruiting
  BMS-986207 (BMS) Nivolumab I/II Advanced solid tumor NCT02913313 Recruiting
  AB-154 (Arcus Biosciences) AB122 I Advanced malignancies NCT03628677 Recruiting
  ASP-8374 (Potenza) Pembrolizumab I Advanced solid tumors NCT03260322 Recruiting
   I Advanced solid tumor NCT03945253 Not yet recruiting
VISTA JNJ-61610588 (Johnson & Johnson) I Advanced solid tumor NCT02671955 Terminated
  CA-170d (Curis) I Advanced solid tumors and lymphomas NCT02812875 Active, not recruiting
B7-H3 Enoblituzumab /MGA271 (MacroGenics) I Advanced solid tumors NCT01391143 Active, not recruiting
   Ipilimumab I Advanced solid tumors NCT02381314 Completed
   Pembrolizumab I Advanced solid tumors NCT02475213 Active, not recruiting
   I Children with B7-H3-expressing solid tumors NCT02982941 Completed
   II Prostate cancer NCT02923180 Recruiting
  MGD009e (MacroGenics) MGA012 I Advanced solid tumors NCT03406949 Recruiting
   I B7-H3-expressing tumors NCT02628535 Recruiting
  131I-8H9 /omburtamab (Y-mAbs) I DSRCT NCT01099644 Recruiting
   I Advanced CNS or leptomeningeal cancer NCT00089245 Recruiting
   II/III Neuroblastoma central nervous system/leptomeningeal metastases NCT03275402 Recruiting
  124I-8H9 /omburtamab (Y-mAbs) I Gliomas NCT01502917 Recruiting
  1. Abbreviation: a, a bispecific anti-LAG-3/PD-L1 antagonistic mAb; b, a bispecific anti-LAG-3/PD-1 antagonistic mAb; c, a bispecific anti-TIM-3/PD-1 antagonistic mAb; d, an oral inhibitor targeted PD-L1 and VISTA; e, a bispecific mAb designed to bind CD3 on T cells and B7-H3 on tumor; BMS Bristol-Myers Squibb, RCC Renal cell carcinoma, MBC Metastatic breast cancer, NSCLC Non-small cell lung cancer, HNSCC Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, CRC Colorectal cancer, TNBC Triple Negative Breast Cancer, AML Acute Myeloid Leukemia, MDS Myelodysplastic, MSS Microsatellite stable, MSI-H Microsatellite instability high, GC Gastric Cancer, DSRCT Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors, CNS Central nervous system, GBM Glioblastoma multiforme