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Table 1 Clinical trials with mRNA vaccines against cancer

From: mRNA vaccine: a potential therapeutic strategy

Cancer tpye NCT number Drug administration Phase Status
Non-small Cell Lung Cancer NCT03164772 BI 1361849 (CV9202) + Durvalumab+/−Tremelimumab I/II Recruiting
NCT03908671 Personalized mRNA vaccine encoding neoantigen Not yet recruiting
NCT02688686 Suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) 1, MUC1 and Survivin mRNA-loaded DC + cytokine-induced killer I/II Unknown
Ovarian Cancer NCT04163094 W_ova1 + carboplatin/paclitaxel I Recruiting
NCT01334047 DC-006 vaccine I/II Terminated
NCT01456065 DCs loaded with TERT-mRNA and Survivin-peptide I Unknown
Melanoma NCT00204607 mRNA+GM-CSF I/II Completed
NCT00978913 DCs transfected with hTERT, survivin and p53 I Completed
NCT00940004 Dendritic cells electroporated with mRNA encoding gp100 and tyrosinase I/II Completed
NCT01066390 TriMix-DC I Completed
NCT02285413 DCs loaded with mRNA encoding tumor-associated antigens gp100 and tyrosinase+/−cisplatinum II Completed
NCT00204516 mRNA coding for melanoma associated antigens+GM-CSF I/II Completed
NCT01278940 mRNA-transfected DCs + IL-2 I/II Completed
NCT01530698 autologous dendritic cell vaccine by mRNA Electroporation I/II Completed
NCT00243529 Autologous dendritic cell vaccine I/II Completed
NCT03897881 mRNA-4157 + pembrolizumab II Recruiting
NCT01456104 Autologous Langerhans-type dendritic cells electroporated with mRNA encoding a tumor-associated antigen I Active, not recruiting
NCT02410733 Lipo-MERIT I Active, not recruiting
NCT00961844 Dendritic cells - transfected with hTERT-, survivin- and tumor cell derived mRNA+ex vivo T cell expansion and reinfusion+Temozolomide I/II Terminated
NCT03480152 (NCI)-4650, a mRNA-based, personalized cancer vaccine I Terminated
NCT00929019 Autologous dendritic cells electroporated with mRNA I/II Terminated
Brain Cance (mainly glioblastoma) NCT00846456 Tumor stem cell derived mRNA- transfected dendritic cells I/II Completed
NCT00626483 CMV pp65-LAMP mRNA-loaded DC + GM-CSF I Completed
NCT03548571 DCs transfected with mRNA encoding survivin and hTERT+temozolomide II/III Completed
NCT03927222 Human CMV pp65-LAMP mRNA-pulsed autologous DCs + temozolomide+tetanus-diphtheria toxoid+GM-CSF II Recruiting
NCT02649582 Autologous WT1 mRNA-loaded DC + temozolomide I/II Recruiting
NCT03688178 Human CMV pp65-LAMP mRNA-pulsed autologous DCs + temozolomide+varlilumab+tetanus-diphtheria (Td) toxoid+111In-labeled DCs + unpulsed DCs II Recruiting
NCT02465268 pp65-shLAMP mRNA DCs + GM-CSF II Recruiting
NCT02808416 Personalized cellular vaccine I Active, not recruiting
NCT02709616 mRNA-TAA pulsed autologous DC I Active, not recruiting
NCT00639639 CMV-ALT+CMV pp65-LAMP mRNA-loaded DC (CMV-DC) I Active, not recruiting
NCT02366728 Human CMV pp65-LAMP mRNA-pulsed autologous DCs II Active, not recruiting
NCT01291420 WT1 mRNA-electroporated autologous dendritic cell I/II Unknown
NCT00890032 BTSC mRNA-loaded DCs I Unknown
Prostate Cancer NCT01278914 mRNA-transfected dendritic cells I/II Completed
NCT01446731 DCs transfected with PSA, PAP, survivin and hTERT mRNA+docetaxel II Completed
NCT02692976 DC loaded with protamine/mRNA encoding keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) + DC loading with MHC I binding peptides, NY-ESO-1 and MUC1 PepTivator® II Completed
NCT01197625 Dendritic cell vaccine I/II Active, not recruiting
NCT01153113 Human telomerase reverse transcriptase mRNA (hTERT mRNA) transfected dendritic cell I/II Withdrawn
NCT02140138 CV9104 II Terminated
NCT02452307 Peptide vaccine+montanide ISA-51+/−GM-CSF+/−imiquimod+/−mRNA/protamin I/II Unknown
Blood System Cancer (leukemia mainly) NCT00834002 Wilms Tumor Gene (WT1) mRNA-transfected autologous dendritic cell I Completed
NCT01734304 DCs electroporated with mRNA encoding WT1, PRAME, and CMVpp65 I/II Completed
NCT00510133 GRNVAC1 (mRNA encoding human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) and a portion of the lysosome-associated membrane protein LAMP-1 (LAMP)) II Completed
NCT02528682 MiHA mRNA-loaded PD-L-silenced DC I/II Completed
NCT01686334 Autologous WT1 mRNA-electroporated DCs II Recruiting
NCT01995708 CT7, MAGE-A3, and WT1 mRNA-electroporated Langerhans cells (LCs) I Active, not recruiting
NCT03083054 Autologous dendritic cells electroporated with WT1 mRNA I/II Active, not recruiting
NCT00514189 Autologous dendritic cells I Terminated
NCT00965224 mRNA coding for Wilms’ tumor antigen WT1 II Unknown
Digestive System Cancer NCT00228189 CEA mRNA-loaded DCs I/II Completed
NCT03468244 Personalized mRNA vaccine encoding neoantigen Recruiting
NCT02693236 Adenovirus-transfected autologous DCs + CIK cells I/II Unknown