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Table 2 Crosstalk between m6A and circRNAs

From: Crosstalk between N6-methyladenosine modification and circular RNAs: current understanding and future directions

Crosstalk circRNA Roles Refs
m6A regulates circRNAs expression circMETTL3 METTL3 facilitates circMETTL3 expression in an m6A-dependent manner [97]
circ1662 METTL3 induced circ1662 generation by binding its flanking sequences and installing m6A modifications [98]
circCUX1 METTL3 mediates the m6A methylation of circCUX1 and stabilizes circCUX1 [99]
circRNA-SORE m6A modification raises circRNA-SORE level by increasing RNA stability [100]
circRNAs m6A modification cause circRNAs selectively degraded by RNase P/MRP complex [101]
m6A regulates circRNAs distribution circGFRα1 METTL14 promotes cytoplasmic export of m6A-modified circGFRα1 through the GGACU motif [102]
circNSUN2 m6A modification of circNSUN2 facilitates cytoplasmic export [60]
m6A regulates circRNAs function circRNAs Extensive m6A modifications in circRNAs drives protein translation in a cap-independent fashion [87]
circRNAs m6A modification controls circRNA immunity [103]
circRNAs regulate m6A hsa_circ_0072309 hsa_circ_0072309 upregulates the expression of m6A demethylase FTO by targeting miR-607 [104]
circMAP2K4 circMAP2K4 promote YTHDF1 expression by binding with hsa-miR-139-5p [105]
circRAB11FIP1 circRAB11FIP1 regulated the m6A methylation of ATG5 and ATG7 mRNA via upregulating FTO [106]
circMEG3 circMEG3 inhibits the expression of METTL3 dependent on HULC [107]
circNOTCH1 circNOTCH1 regulates the m6A modification on Nothch1 mRNA by binding to METTL14. [108]
circZbtb20 circZbtb20 enhances the interaction of ALKBH5 with Nr4a1 mRNA, leading to ablation of the m6A on Nr4a1 mRNA [109]
circSTAG1 circSTAG1 regulates m6A modification on FAAH by mediating ALKBH5 translocation [110]