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Table 1 Identified TQ targets belonging to cancer-related pathways

From: Thymoquinone-induced conformational changes of PAK1 interrupt prosurvival MEK-ERK signaling in colorectal cancer

Network Identified substrate Phospho site Prot ID Folds up (24 h)
Cytoskeleton EphB1 Y594 NP_004432 2.93
  Lamin A/C S22 CAA27173 2.45
  MAP2v S1679 NP_114034 2.30
  Syntaxin 1A S14 NP_004594 2.22
  Lamin B1 S395 NP_005564 2.12
  SNAP23 T24 NP_003816 2.08
PI3K/AKT Lck S158 AAH13200 3.45
  HSP22 S14 NP_0055180 3.32
  PKR T451 NP_002750 3.92
  Beta-2-adrenergic receptor-B2AR S262 NP_000015 2.80
  AKT1 Y326 NP_005154 2.22
  Bone marrow kinase BMX-ETK Y40 AAC08966 2.16
  Glucocorticoid receptor S211 NP_000167 2.15
  PAK1 T212 AAC24716 2.12
  Nitric oxide synthase 1 S852 NP_000611 2.09
  CHOP S79 NP_004074 2.08
  Metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 T695 AAA87843 2.05
  RAF1-c-RAF S43 NP_002871 2.00
Wnt Beta-catenin Y142 NP_001895 2.89
  T-cell transcription factor 4 S60 NP_110383 2.59
  N-myc S263 NP_005369 2.43
  L1 cell adhesion molecule S1152 NP_000416 2.25
  APC S2054 NP_000029 2.06
  MAP3K7-TAK1 S192 NP_663304 2.01