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Table 2 Clones used for validation by FISH.

From: Identification of novel candidate target genes in amplicons of Glioblastoma multiforme tumors detected by expression and CGH microarray profiling

Gene name Gene-specific-BAC clones Location Control clones Location
EGFR RP11-339F13 7p12 p275α7a 7 cen
CDK4 RP11-571M6 12q13-q14 RP11-467M14 12p13
MDM2 RP11-611O2, RP11-450G15 12q15 RP11-467M14 12p13
ESTs on 13q RP11-94P17, RP11-406G20 13q32.2   
  RP11-364F8, RP11-151A6, RP11-113J24 13q33.3   
  1. a plasmid probe located at the centromere (cen) of chromosome 7. The specificity and location of the probes were confirmed by FISH on normal metaphases before hybridization on the TMAs. When clones were available, and in order to increase the signal, two or three BAC clones around the test gene or EST were hybridized together. Control FISH experiments on normal interphase nuclei were performed beforehand in order to ensure a unique signal when two BAC clones were hybridized together. BAC clones on 13q were purchased from the BACPAC Resources Center (Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, CHORI). All other clones were generously provided by Dr. Rocchi.