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Table 2 mRNAs showing Fhit-dependent changes in ribosomes bound to the 5’-UTR versus coding sequence

From: Impact of FHIT loss on the translation of cancer-associated mRNAs

Symbol Gene ID Ratio of 5’-UTR/CDS
(Log2 fold change)
TBC1D7 NM_016495 4.65
TIAM1 NM_003253 3.61
ZCCHC3 NM_033089 3.33
DCAF5 NM_003861 3.09
ACSL1 NM_001995 3.09
SERTAD3 NM_013368 3.06
TROVE2 NM_004600 2.89
CLPTM1 NM_001294 2.70
HINT2 NM_032593 2.63
FASN NM_004104 1.19
KPNB1 NM_002265 0.92
CALR NM_004343 −1.05
RPL37A NM_000998 −1.71
FBLN1 NM_006486 −1.92
CREBL2 NM_001310 −2.51
MECP2 NM_004992 −2.82
CDKN2C NM_001262 −3.41
ZNF552 NM_024762 −5.89
  1. RiboDiff was used to determine relative changes in ribosome occupancy of 5’-UTR versus coding region as a function of Fhit expression, using ARD data from Ponasterone A-treated E1 and D1 cells. Only those transcripts with an adjusted p value <0.05 were considered further. The complete list of genes, their relative changes and statistical analysis are included in Additional file 10