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Correction: Coronin 3 promotes gastric cancer metastasis via the up-regulation of MMP-9 and cathepsin K

The Original Article was published on 14 September 2012

Correction: Mol Cancer 11, 67 (2012)

In the originally published version of this article [1], Fig. 3D (the bottom row on the right, labeled as pcDNA3.1-Coronin3) was used incorrectly after checking the original records, and the correct pictures of the experimental group was replaced.

Fig. 3
figure 1

The effects of Coronin 3 on the migration and invasion of gastric cancer cells. The representative results of three similar experiments are shown. A and B. The MKN45 cells were infected with shRNA-LV, and the MKN28-NM cells were stably transfected with pcDNA3.1-Coronin 3. The protein and mRNA expression of Coronin 3 were then evaluated by Western blotting and qPCR. β-actin was used as the internal control. The MOCK samples were treated with scrambled shRNA-LV or the pcDNA3.1 vector. C. The migratory ability of the cells was evaluated with a wound-healing assay. The wound widths were measured at time 0 and 24 h after wounding, and the closure ratio was calculated in accordance with the following formula: wound closure (%) = (width 0 h) - width 24 h) / width 0 h. * p < 0.05. These results were then compared to those of the control cells. D. The invasive ability was evaluated by counting the number of cells that had invaded the Matrigel and the 8-μm-pore Transwell membrane. *, p < 0.05, compared to the cells infected with scrambled shRNA-LV or transfected with the pcDNA3.1 vector


  1. Ren G, Tian Q, An Y, et al. Coronin 3 promotes gastric cancer metastasis via the up-regulation of MMP-9 and cathepsin K. Mol Cancer. 2012;11:67.

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